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How To Make DIY Colors On Led Lights?

Making your own led lights is fun and easy, and is a great way to save money! There are plenty of led light kits available on the market, and all come with a vast array of led lights to choose from.

But what about your own designs? That’s what this guide is about! It will show you how to create your own unique colors on your led lights, such as green, red, blue, and purple.

This is quick and easy, and a great way to customise your led lights to suit your own lighting needs!

The world of LED lighting is changing rapidly. New innovations are being introduced every day, while lighting fixtures are also evolving into all-in-one solutions.

LEDs are getting cheaper and brighter and the whole market is moving towards a more connected approach.

However, the best LEDs for commercial applications are still expensive, which is why DIY is often the only option for those not wanting to pay for the latest technology.

Here’s how to do it

  • Step 1. Poster Board

All you need to do is to get yourself some poster board or similar material and start cutting it into the shapes you want to use. You can use the paper but you can also use photo paper which is a lot easier to work with.

Decide what size you want your light to be and mark the poster board with your favorite marking tool. For example i am going to base this off the size I made my light so I made my board 14″x 11-1/2″ . Then cut out the poster board with a razor knife.

After you have the board cut out measure 1″ make a line parallel with the 14″ side then space you lines 5/8″ apart. The draw lines parallel with the 12″ side 1″ inch from that side on both sides. These lines are to keep the LED strip lights straight.

  • Step 2. Cut led strips

You’ve just cut your LED strips to the correct length, and you’re about to start soldering.

  • Step 3. Trim the gell off

The LED strips are water proof so thy have a gel cover you have to get this off the term points to solider. Used a razor blade to cut into it but not all the way just go about half way then peel it off this can be a little cumbersome but it doesn’t take long.

  • Step 4. Glue the strips

Next you need a hot glue gun start with the first line and ran the flu just under the line. Then peel the off the paper from the back of the lights strip and put the strip on the glue pres down evenly as you move down the strip keeping it lined up with the line. And do this for all the strips until you are done. 

  • Step 5. Cut the wires

With your wire cutters cut little strips of wire about 1-1/2″ long your gonna need like 32 of them then strip the end about 1/4″ off each end.

Then get your solider gun heated up and tin all the ends of the wires with solider. 

  • Step 6. Solider the Wires

You will need a soldering iron, solder, and bit. The soldering iron used will vary depending on the brand of LED’s you are using.

So now you need to solider the wires to the lights. At one end you will need two long wires for battery hook up you can put what ever type of connector you want I don’t have one on at the time but I plan on putting a connector that will plug into a rc lipo battery.

  • Final step. Power it up

 How to use colour changing led strip lights

If you thought LED strip lights were just for Christmas, then think again. These modern-day lighting solutions are perfect for industrial, commercial and domestic use, and are certainly not limited to only one season.

They are bright, energy efficient and they give off the most gorgeous hues. By combining them with the right colour-changing lighting effect, they can even be used to create a mesmerising ambience that will change with the hour of day.

LED strips are the new trend in smart lighting. They are easier, cheaper and more flexible than other lighting systems. They can be installed in a wide variety of ways and in a wide variety of colours. LED strips are also better for the environment, since they don’t require any harmful halogen lamps.

How to change colour on led light strip?

Most of us have a light with a colour strip over it, and you might have been wondering how to change the colour of the light.

Well, you can use different colour strips (e.g. white, blue, red, green etc), but they can make the light hard to see, and its colour may not be the best.

You will need some RGB LEDs, which are LED lights that are made up of red, green and blue LEDs. Its a bit more complicated to do, but well worth it, as RGB Led lights can make your light look better compared to a colour strip light.

The RGBW color changing LED strip is a great idea for the bedroom, kids’ room or even the living room. You can use it as a nightlight, or you can use it as mood lighting.

If you want to change the colour of the LED strip to match the mood, just use a remote controller.

The strips are RF controlled and have remote controls, which can be used to control the colours. The three main colours are red, green and blue.

Things you can do with led light strips

LED strip lights are affordable and easy to install, with a wide range of fixtures and lots of different light colors to choose from. LED strip lights are also convenient because they can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Such as reading lamps, hallway lighting, kitchen lighting, under cabinet lighting, and more. They are great for saving energy, and are very efficient compared to standard lighting.

LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular for lighting up rooms in the home, and they have many applications (such as lighting up a car’s interior or a bicycle’s handlebars).

However, not everything is as it seems – there are currently many different types of LED strip light, all with different specifications, and to be able to use them in different ways requires understanding the differences.

  • LED accent lighting ideas for staircase

There are few places that really demand attention when it comes to decorating. Your home is one of them.

This is where you spend most of your time, and it’s where you want to feel comfortable and at home. Imagine when you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you see is a staircase that illuminates the way for you.

This is exactly what you should have in mind when you are thinking about accent lighting for a staircase.

  • LED strip lights for party lighting

LED strip lights are used to create brilliant, eye-catching effects in many venues, especially for parties and events, but they can be expensive. If you need more than one strip, you have to use more power.

Buying a cheap set of lights that you may not be able to use is a waste. To look after your lights, you need a controller, and controllers are expensive.

For a party, you need more lights. LED strip lights are a useful way to make your party look awesome. They are incredibly versatile too, as they can be used for all kinds of purposes, from Christmas lights, to light shows, and even for advertising.

  • LED strip lights for photography lighting

LED strip lights are a great alternative to traditional lighting for photography. They are so versatile and can be used for anything from single light shoots to lighting a room on the fly.

They are also a very affordable tool that can be used as a back drop or over a model / actor.

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