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LED Light Strip Car & TV Home Kits – Buyers Guide

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led light strip in car

Car LED Lights – Strips To Make Your Car Futuristic

led light strip in carMost newer cars from the showroom come built in with LED strips around the interior. These really do make the car look cool and futuristic.

Even if your car hasn’t got a built in LED strip around the edges; you can buy a strip kit which is specifically designed for the car. They either come with a USB power port which can be plugged into the cigarette lighter or they come with a specific cigarette lighter port.

The car seats, glove compartment and the footwells of your vehicle will look very nice and you can even change colours with a remote or using your phone (if you went for the Bluetooth version) so you can control the lighting to reflect your mood.

Another great feature for the Bluetooth strips is that you can even program them to “dance” to music. So using the music from your phone, the lights will flicker and flash to the beat or to the voice if there is no music – so there is a lot of cool things you can do with them.


LED Light Strip For The TV

LED strip lighting has become an increasing popular way to make renovations and improvements to your home without having to splash out too much cash. They can create a warm glow effect around doors, above coving or around cupboards, draws or cabinets. You could also use them on books selves to create a subtle feature r use them to highlight items you wish to show off.

stairs led strip lightingLED lights come in a variety of colours and the wattage used will create a different look and ambiance. If you are going for a feature or accent lighting effect then you will need to have a wattage of about 5 to 10 is sufficient as this will create a halo or glow effect. 15 and 20 watts of power will provide you with a much brighter light and this can even be used as a workable light. If you are using a multi coloured set f lights then 7.5 watts is best for an accent lighting effect and 15 watts will be brighter and can be used as a workable light under the right colour conditions.

The possibilities with these little lights is almost endless and thanks to the range of colours and brightness. You can also use them to create a working light such as around a desk or vanity mirror or even under kitchen units. These kits are probably the easiest way to stall LED lights in your own home as they come with everything you need to have them up and running in no time at all. Also, because they are full kits there is no need to mess around with the electrics, which is an added bonus.

Some examples of strip light kits are as follows:

Beam LED

Beam LED has a range of normal and water proof kits on sale and these start price wise with the 5 meter kit with warm or cool white lights which are designed for internal use, non-waterproof. The kits come with 5 meters of LED strip lighting, a transformer and a normal plug. The wattage will vary depending on length from 4 watts up to 16 watts and this kit is also dimmable. It costs around £28 which is a good led strip lighting

They also have a multi coloured kit that again comes with everything you need. It also has a controller to allow you to choose the colour you want or the sequence of colours if you feel like being a bit fancier. The wattage of this set varies from 5 watts up to 16 watts and is also dimmable. It costs around £33.

Their range of waterproof kits include a total of 4 sets starting with the 5 meters of warm or cool white lights. These are idea for use in the kitchen or anywhere where water may come into contact with the lights. They have a minimum wattage of 4 and a maximum wattage of 16, depending on the length used and they are also dimmable. These base sets cost around £31.

The other waterproof option is also a warm or cool white but in a brighter LED version, this makes them suitable for under cabinet use in kitchen, around mirrors in bathrooms or anywhere outside that you require lighting. These kits cost around £36.


garden led strip lightingAs we all know Amazon sells pretty much everything you could every want or need, thus it is no surprise that LED lighting kits are featured here. Some of the best I have found include the following examples.


LE LED Flexible Strip Lights Kit,300 Units SMD 3528 LEDs Daylight White,5m 12V DC Non-waterproof Light Strips

This kit is ready to use from the box and has daylight white LED’s. It has 60 LED’s per meter and is a 5 meter roll of lights. It has a 12V power adapter and 2 connectors so you can add more lights if you need to. The double side tape on the reverse side of the strip makes it super simple to install in a variety of situation. This kit cost just £14 which is a real steal.

LE 12V DC RGB LED Strip Lights Kit,150 Units SMD 5050 LEDs

This is the same supplier as the above mentioned white lights but this time it is multi coloured strip kit. It comes with the adapter and transformer needed to use it straight from the box and also has a controller to allow you to access the range of colour features. It has 8 different patterns modes that include quick, slow, flashing and colour fade in 3 or 7 colour choices. It also has a customisable feature which lets you memorise the 6 most preferred features for ease of use.

This is just a couple of the products that you can buy that are essential a plug and go systems but there are many more on the market.





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