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LED Light Strip RGB With Remote Control For Under Cabinets

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under cabinet led strip lighting

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L.E.D. Light Strip With Remote Control – Plug In Or Battery Powered

If you want to add a touch more flare to your home you could consider using LED strips lights. LED’s are small lights that come in strips of 60 to 120 per meter and have two sizes, the larger size being the stronger and brighter of the two. Before you rush out and buy any however it is worth noting that you will need a transformer relevant to the power output of the strip of LED’s you will be using. The installation is so easy. Whether you decide to install the strip as a plugin or battery powered; all you need is some adhesive – which many of the strips come equipped with and a power source. Battery powered strips are also a good option to keep the area cable-free. Both of these products also come with a remote control or you can have them powered by bluetooth.


under cabinet led strip lightingMake Your Furniture Glow

LED strip lights can be used to provide a subtle glow effect or they can be used to create a working light source. Which one it is depends on what you need and the wattage of the lights you are purchasing. When you think of strip lights like this you will probably think of kitchens and under cupboard lighting. Although this is a good, and popular, use for this type of lighting its possibilities do not have to end there.

The reference to cabinets in the title means anything that contains something, so it could be a display cabinet. Either as downward lighting to show off your prized possessions or as a gentle background light to create an overall ambiance to the room. You could also opt to use it on alternating shelves to create a focal point within the room.

One major point to take into consideration here is how close are the lights going to be to any water source. I say this because there are splash proof and waterproof LED strips lights and these would be more suitable to a kitchen, or bath, as they will not be affected by any water or moist in the air.

Installing LED Strips

Before you install any LED lights you need to do the following:


  • First of all, you need to unroll the LED strip lights and connect them via a plug to the mains to make they are all working properly.
  • You should then consider if the light is bright enough, is the colour right or if you want to think about adding a dimmer to the unit.
  • Next you should lay out all the items and create a mock-up of the installation, this can be done using masking tape to hold the LED’s in place. Unroll the LED strip lights from the plastic reel
  • Once you are happy the lights all work, they brightness is appropriate and the colour is to your satisfaction you can begin with the installation.

To learn more about the process of installation I would recommend talking to an expert or professional. These lights can be easily installed as a DIY project but you ned to make sure you know interior design led strip lightingexactly what you are doing and what parts you need in order to complete the job. The wattage of an LED strip will affect the transformer size needed so this is one area you must be sure on before taking the plunge, so to speak.


The strip itself is made up of a self-adhesive tape and a top section where the LED’s are placed at pre-determined intervals. LED strip lights can be purchased on the reel and will need to be either wired into the homes electrical system, with the appropriate transform installed, or via a norm al plug. Some LED strips can be bought with a normal plug already attached, this is a convenient and quick way to install this type of lighting but does have its restrictions too. Careful consideration should be given to what your needs and wants are with regards to the lighting.

There are many places you can purchase LED strip lighting from such as online retails and stores. Unless you know what you are doing I would strongly recommend going to a store for advice and guidance, even if it is just to get that then buy it online somewhere else at a cheaper price.


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