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LED Motion Sensor Strip Lights – Kitchen Bathroom & Bedroom

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bedroom motion sensor led strip lighting

Bedroom Motion Sensor Light – Strips That Make Your Bed Glow!

One thing I cant stand is when Im in bed sleeping and the wife turns on the light to go to the bathroom or to find something. It is a difficult situation as she does need to be able to see to find what she’s looking for, only if it was less of a distraction to me!

Well, with a motion sensor LED Light strip; she can now get out of bed and have enough light for her to see what she’s doing and where she’s going without disturbing me. These strips are great as they gently light up the room enough so that people can see what’s going on but soft enough that it doesnt disturb anyone sleeping.

The LED motion sensor strips, while designed for the bed, they can also be used in places like closets, wardrobes, hallways and even in the bathroom and kitchens.

They come with a clever PIR motion detection sensor and you can also control the duration of the light and the sensetivity of the sensor.



Cool LED Strips For The Garage & Kitchen

bathroom mirror purple lightingLED strip lighting is perfect for use around the home to create a feature or accent, to provide extra light on kitchen worktops and even in the bath room. But there is so much more that can be done with the flexible lights. LED strip lights can be easily installed and as there are kits that can be purchased this makes this DIY idea a super simple and quick job with great effects.

There are a range of different LED strip lights that can be purchased, in most cases the number of LED’s per meter varies from 60 to 120, with some having as many as 150. The more LED’s the brighter the light will end up being. The wattage is the strips will also have a bearing on the brightness, typically a wattage of 5 to 10 watts is used to create accent features.

Here are 10 pretty awesome ideas for LED strip lights that could just change your whole home for the better.

Shelf Lighting Ideas & Lighting the Hall

Here you could use the strip lights in many different ways such as having them running down the length of the hall way to going across it. You could even have it starting on one wall at the bottom and going up and over and coming down the other side. This will make a really unique and interesting effect and is also a great way of providing light without having to rely on conventional means.

Lighting on the shelves would look very nice indeed, almost as if your shelves are floating giving you a halo effect.bathroom led strip lighting

Illuminating Furniture In Your Bedroom (& Bookshelf)

This idea will look really stunning with a wooden floor and contrasting LED’s, you could highlight any piece or pieces of furniture that you want and it would look really impressive being used on outdoor furniture such as tables, benches or even around a fire pit.

Lighting up the Living Room Exit

You could use LED strip lights around door frames as an interesting feature and a way to highlight the exit during the night when turning on a normal light is just too bright.

A Night Light Indoors

For younger children, you could consider using the strip lights to provide extra reassurance during the night by opting for a soft colour that could be put above the coving or around one whole wall to make a night time feature of it. This could also work for older children and those in their teens as it could make their room more vibrant without making any huge changes.


Stairway to Heaven

Another option could be to use it on the edge of your stairs to provide a subtle light at night and to create an interesting feature out of something very ordinary. You could also have the lights running up either side of the stairs or alternatively, you could put the strip light under the handrail and this would also provide a good amount of light for each step as well.

garden path led strip lightingUplighters

If you fancy having uplighters but don’t want the hassle of adding in new light socket on the walls, and the added cost of someone doing it for you. You could simply do it yourself with LED strip lights. All you need to buy is cornice molded coving and instead of putting it flush to the ceiling install it a little lower down and ad the LED strips inside at an angle to create a best lighting effect.

TV Surround

What better way to enhance your lunges main feature than by adding a multi coloured strip of LED’s behind it. This really only works is it is wall mounted but the effects can be quite stunning and the by using the multi coloured lights you have the option to change the lights to your mood or that of the TV show you are currently watching.

Unique Wall Art

If you have a creative mid you could make up some unusual wall art that uses the strip lights to showcase your creation. This could be as simple as using shaped pieces of wood to create a visual feature and focal point during the day and then by using the lights in strategic places you are able to create an entirely new and different piece of art of the evenings.

Plant Lightersdoor step led strip lighting

If you have a garden that you like to enjoy there are many ways you can use waterproof LED’s outside. One way which will also show off your green finger ability is to have it around the inside of planting features as this will create an interesting lighting effect and highlight some of the summers lovely colours at the same time.

Under Rails

Lastly you could use a strip under the clothes rail in your wardrobe to help illuminate it and make picking clothes out that much easier. It also looks super stylish and expensive too even though it won’t cost you much to install it.

So, there you have 10 different ways to use LED strips lights in your home to make it really stand out and show off your style and individuality.

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