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LED Home & Kitchen Strip Lighting

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kitchen under cabinet led strip lighting

LED Strip Lighting for The Kitchen

shelves led lightingLED strips lights that can be used in the kitchen are a slim and flexible source of light that can be purchased on a reel, these lights can be installed almost anywhere in your home. The strip has a number of LED’s per meter and this varies from 60 up to 120 and they also come in two sizes, the larger being the brighter of the two options. The approximate life span of a strip of LED lights is around 50,000 hours, which is a considerable length of time. If you average they will be on for around 4 hours per day then you are looking at about 12,500 days of use or about 34 years. These lights can also be linked to a dimmer to add even more control over the level of brightness and can enhance the ambiance of the environment for special occasions.


LED strip lights will require a transformer for them to work, unless you get the ones that come with a normal plug attached. If you are opting for having them directed into the mains or into a current light switch please make sure you get an electrician to do this for you. These are easy lights to add into your home but you should never touch electrical components unless you are qualified.

The wattage needed for your kitchen will depend on what you want the lights to do, below is a rough guide to help you make an informed choice.

A 5 watt white LED strip light is ideal for feature lighting, such as on covings and plinths as it gives a subtle glow effect.

A 10 watt white LED strip light is again good for general feature lighting such as under cabinet lighting as it gives off a little more under cabinet led strip lighting

A 15 watt white LED strip light is good for all general lighting needs and is ideal to be used as a working light, such as those under cabinets.

A 20 watt white LED strip light is another good all round strip light that will provide a working light level, so again under kitchen cabinets for example.

A 7.5 watt RGB, multi coloured, LED strip light is good for use as a feature light and idea for places such as coving as it will produce a halo type glow effect.

Lastly a 15 watt RGB LED strip light is a brighter option and it turned to a lighter colour such as white or light blue it can be used as a working light.

LED strip lights can be used in so many different places to really make your home stand out and give it that extra touch of flair and personality. Once of the great places to show this off is in the kitchen, even more so if you have a large kitchen where you entertain guests. Some of the places you can use LED strips lights in the kitchen include the following:


Kitchen Tables

This can easily be done as a DIY project and will require a splash proof set of LED strips lights that can be powered by means of a battery pack that can be hidden under the table. This is especially effective is you have a glass table with sections that are frosted, the light will shine through without you see the wires and battery pack.

Under Counter Lighting

This is a commonly used function for LED strip lights in the kitchen as they are able to add a subtle glow in a variety of colours. This can work as a minimal power use way to illuminate the work space or just to add a touch of class when the lights are lowered if you are entertaining.

You could also choose to illuminate the area by the base boards which would give your kitchen a totally different look and feel.

kitchen led strip lightingInside Cupboards

Why should the fridge be the only place that has an internal; light source? The addition of some LED’s to a lower down cupboard can make life a lot easier when looking for items.

Coving Lighting

This is another fantastic option and looks stunning when use in a contrasting colour to other strip lights being used in the area. For example if you are using warm white lights under the counter tops and you have a red splash back then adding a red LED strips lights to your coving can really make the kitchen pop.



Yes, you did read that right, there are some tap designs that can have LED lights added to them and others that can be purchased with them already installed. Although these are not strip lights I thought they were a nice funky and futuristic twist to add even more colour to your kitchen.

So now you have some ideas of what to use and where you can put them.

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